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Testimonial - Leah McNamara

"My four year old daughter started with Legacy Dance Project from the beginning. From the moment she took her first twirl in a dance class, it became clear that dancing with Legacy Dance Project was more than just a hobby - it was a transformative experience that enriched her in numerous ways.
Legacy Dance Project has fostered a sense of community and teamwork in all their students. My daughter has formed lasting friendships with her fellow dancers. Being part of the Legacy Dance Project family has taught my daughter the importance of collaboration, empathy and celebrating the achievements of others.

Dancing has brought immense and joy and happiness into my daughter's life. I am eternally grateful to have witnessed her transformation through Legacy Dance Project and can't wait to see how this beautiful journey unfolds in the years to come.

Many thanks to Miss Tasha for teaching my little girl and embracing her on her dance journey!"

Testimonial - Jacky Bickerstaff

"My daughter has always loved dancing and never joined a danced group, for me I was hesitant it was way too serious for what I was looking for. I wanted this experience to be fulfilling, something for my daughter to commit to, a place where she can create friendship and really express herself doing something she absolutely loves.

Legacy Dance Project do just that, a great balance of structure and technical elements coupled with happy creative dance environment. My daughters smile, before and after her classes speak for itself. I can not thank Erin and Tash enough for their commitment and dedication to the art. Looking forward to many more years to come."

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